WTAC Part 1

When we arrived at Sydney Motorsport Park it was already buzzing with activity as drivers and teams finalized preparations to kick off the WTAC competition for 2012.

WTAC has really grown with Pro Class having 8 International teams in attendance. The Panspeed RX8 representing Japan looked almost like it could be driven on the street…until you heard it under full throttle! It would definitely send your neighbours deaf!

We quickly checked out the pit zone before competition and it was awesome seeing the international drift cars make the journey to battle against the locals.

WTAC had great support from a number of traders who setup some impressive displays. Although looking a bit out of place, the Hankook Audi R8 GT race car was still pretty cool.

There must be a shortage of carbon fibre as front splitters and canards were fitted to the front of most cars.

While rear diffusers and huge GT wings dominated the rear end.

One thing notably missing from WTAC on Friday was the Cyber Evo. We later found out that it had suffered some engine problems and probably wouldn’t make it out for day one.

But attention was soon diverted to the Aussie built Project Nemo Evo when it recorded an amazingly quick 1:26.9130.

WTAC Nemo Evo

The team then posted a blistering 1:25.7400 making it 3 secs faster than the Cyber Evo! All this happened before lunch time even came around!

Check out the team’s reaction thanks to performancegarage.com.au

Open Class also looked to be very competitive and the car which stood out was the Evo 6 built by Melbourne workshop Chasers. The car looked more suited to Pro Class with its crazy aero and bright blue paint.

WTAC Chasers Evo

Driver Alif Hamden managed a 1.34.2260 by the end of the day and secured second place behind the Dominator Evo co-driven by owner James Willard and Steve Glenney.

WTAC Dominator Evo

The Dominator Evo’s time of 1:30.7260 made it over 4 seconds faster than last years winning time.

In Clubsprint Class, the lighter Scorpion AWD WRX broke the R35 GTR dominance by leading Friday’s session with a 1:38.8600. This time was also much faster than last year’s winning time by over 4 seconds.

All the leading cars have beaten the benchmarks set in 2011. We can’t wait to see what happens Saturday!

Friday’s Leaders:

Pro Class
1:25.7400 – Nemo Racing Evo 9 – W. Luff
1:27.3100 – Tilton Interiors Evo 9 – G. Walden
1:28.5240 – Scorch Racing s15 – T. Suzuki

Open Class
1:30.7260 – Dominator Evo 6 – J. Willard
1:34.2260 – Chasers MotorworksEvo 6 – A. Hamdan
1:34.3470 – V-Sport Evo 10 – R. Bates

Clubsprint Class
1:38.8600 – Scorpion AWD WRX – N. Scott
1:40.7510 – IS Motor Racing/Royal Purple Oils Evo 8 – D. Farquhar
1:41.2450 – Whiteline Performance R35 GTR – M. Tomaszewski

Check out worldtimeattack.com for more details.



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