WRXMAS at Sandown

The Impreza WRX Club of Victoria held nine competitive track days throughout 2013 for their Club Championships and last weekend was the final installment on their motorsport’s calendar with the annual family day being held at Sandown Raceway to celebrate WRXMAS 2013!
Sandown WRXMAS

We got in early and were greeted by this amazing white STI. The WRX has matured over the generations but this doesn’t seem to have slowed down its popularity with car fans. Has the WRX really gotten better over time?

The WRX club did a great job organising the event with plenty of off-track activities including wood fired pizza, jumping castle and face painting for the kids. None were quite as popular as the popcorn though!
Popcorn Sandown WRXMAS

Being a family friendly day, passengers were encouraged to strap on their helmets and experience a few laps. Thanks to Chris who took us around in his tuned R33 GTR! Needless to say a fresh set of undies were required afterwards!
Helmets Sandown WRXMAS

The track was open to all makes and models too, and attendees were treated to a mouthwatering variety of cars.
Pitlane Sandown WRXMAS

Where there are Rexes, there’s sure to be a few Evos near by and this Evo V decked in Ralliart livery was a great reminder of the rivalry between the brands.Evo V Sandown WRXMAS

Not be left out of the 4WD party…there was a small contingent of GTRs flying the the Nissan flag.GTR Sandown WRXMAS

Black on Bronze R34 GTR looked right at home screaming down the Sandown straight!
R34 GTR Sandown WRXMAS

Even the Euros were in the mix with several hi-po Porsches, BMWs and even a Ferrari taking to the track. Late model 911 Turbo was immaculate (and fast!).
Porsche Turbo Sandown WRXMAS

While the classics looked just as impressive.
Porsche Sandown WRXMAS

Porsche 944 Sandown WRXMAS

It was still an endless sea of WRXs though…
WRX Bugeye Sandown WRXMAS

and no shortage of the famous World Rally Blue!

WRXs in all shapes joined the festivities.
Subaru WRX  Sandown WRXMAS

As well as the iconic earlier models. It would be a hard choice between white and WRB. We’re undecided here!

Most were well tuned street cars enjoying the non competitive round…
STI Engine Sandown WRXMAS

Black WRX Sandown WRXMAS

save for a few dedicated track machines getting a run.
Track WRX Sandown WRXMAS

A great event to kick off the holiday season and bring 2013 to an end! The WRX Club are back at it again in 2014 with their Motorsports Championship kicking off at Phillip Island on the 1st Feb. Keep an eye on the Event Calendar for more events and have a Merry WRXMAS!



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