Winton Track Day

One of the reasons why this site was built was to give us an opportunity to check out the various car related events around Australia and connect with people who live and breathe building, testing and refining their cars to achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter what their goals are either…If you just want to get out and have a go or want to become the fastest in the class…it’s irrelevant to us as long as you’re having fun with what you’re doing. Likewise, doesn’t matter what car you have or what parts you’ve got, we like to see enthusiasts at all levels having a go.

As much as we’d like to attend every event it’s physically not possible so we were happy to stumble across this set of photos from a recent track day which was kindly contributed to us by John Santiago.

You can check out the full gallery on John’s Flickr page.


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Winton track days get a huge variety of cars and really put driver and car to the test due to the small and technical circuit layout. It’s always interesting to watch and thanks again to John for sharing!

The Honda guys always do well here.
Winton Civic

AWD helps though.
Winton Evo

Winton GTR

Winton Subaru WRX

But don’t be surprised if you see a N/A cars tight on your tail! Keep an eye out on our calendar for the next track day.
Winton Integra DC2



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