SAU/WRX Round 6 at Sandown

After a break throughout June and July, we’re back with the WRX and SAU Clubs as they hit up Sandown for the 6th Round of the 2014 Motorsports Championships. Big thanks to Kristian Larsen for contributing some awesome photos for this write up too!

WRX SAU Sandown Grid

Sandown draws a big entry list and this day was no exception with a huge turnout from both clubs with plenty of race machines showing how popular and well run the local Club Championsip is.
WRX SAU Sandown Grid Rexes

As the day started to take shape, we saw the Japanese muscle hit the track with cars from both Subaru and Nissan camps setting extremely quick times under the good track conditions.
WRX SAU Sandown WRX Straight

Melbourne workshop Racepace Motorsport brought a few cars along and their White R33 GTR easily posted the quickest overall time of the day of 1:16.0442.
WRX SAU Sandown Racepace R33 GTRWRX SAU Sandown Racepace R33 GTR Straight

White seemed to be the colour of choice for the GTRs too as a few R32s also sported the stark white paintwork. This R32 was awesome to watch as it blew flames all around the track…Probably helped by the extra 20kW added from the custom bumper artwork! 🙂
WRX SAU Sandown R32 GTR

The other white R32 was this fullhouse GTR. It sat in its own garage looking menacing with custom front bumper and various aero improvements. It backed up the aggressive look too by setting the 2nd fastest GTR time of 1:17.1900.
WRX SAU Sandown Topstage R32 GTR

Helping keep the Nissans honest was the Subaru WRX of Got It Rex. This car has been constantly improving and we’ve seen new aero additions throughout the year helping it set a 1:17.7312 this time around.
WRX SAU Sandown GotItRex WRX

Photos don’t always convey the speeds these cars reach so check the video as it tries to chase down a modified Porsche 911 Turbo.

There are clearly some race only vehicles, however the WRX Championship is fairly evenly matched with a broad variety of models across the Impreza range used both for track and daily duties.
WRX SAU Sandown Red WRX HatchWRX SAU Sandown WRB WRX

While 4WD is an advantage, this 200sx demonstrated how good the S-Chassis is for circuit racing setting a swift 1:22.6190.
WRX SAU Sandown S14 R33 GTR

Other RWDs in the mix were these two Skylines.
WRX SAU Sandown Skylines

The Bayside Blue paint really stood out on the track! WRX SAU Sandown Skyline GTT

It was great to see some companies from the aftermarket tuning industry in attendance supporting Club level events too. Hankook Tyres brought out their tyre truck and put their motorsport tyre range on display while Wolf Motorsport came to test and support one of their demo cars. Hopefully this is something we continue to see more of and similar companies join to embrace grassroots motorsports as well.
WRX SAU Sandown R33 Wolf Motorsport

While there were plenty of Japanese cars in the field, we thought we’d close this event with a selection of two of the European makes that showed up. This new Lotus Exige looked immaculate in the garage and constantly had eyes peeking through the hood to check out a piece of modern machinery. It looked equally impressive on the track as well.
WRX SAU Sandown LotusWRX SAU Sandown Lotus Exige

On the opposite side of the spectrum, this BMW E30 in the Warsteiner livery took us back to the old 80’s DTM racing days and looked right at home on the track.
WRX SAU Sandown E30 BMW

A few rounds will be held this September including rounds at Calder and Phillip Island so check the respective Club websites for more details.

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