SAU Vic x Racepace Motorsports Open Day

Its been ages since we last put up a blog post. Unfortunately, things get in the way and motorsports takes a back seat. When we heard the guys at SAU Vic were teaming up with Racepace Motorsport to put on an open day we knew it was going to be a great opportunity to capture some awesome content to share with you guys.

Taking a more in depth look at the small workshop out in Bayswater has been on our agenda for a while. On a regular day, you’d probably drive right past the workshop as there’s little signage to give the place away. Today though there were Skylines littered all over the streets and their front lawn.
SAU Racepace Nissan Hakosuka KPGC10

KPGC10 was hard to miss!
SAU Racepace Nissan Hakosuka KPGC10 Rear

SAU Racepace Nissan White R32 GTR

This Yellow R34 GTR looked like it just same back from a track day and was clearly setup for track duties with Craft Square mirrors, Voltex wing, Alcon brakes and Advan GTs wrapped in Yokohama A050s.
SAU Racepace Nissan R34 Yellow GTR

Inside the workshop is pretty small and reminds us of the small workshops that are typical in Japan. SAU Racepace Workshop

Despite the limited space, churning out tough RBs are their speciality.
SAU Racepace Workshop Engine Room

SAU Racepace RB26 Nitto

The workshop is jam packed with every model of Nissan Skyline.
SAU Racepace Nissan R34 GTR Grey

Including some rare models too. R33 in Champion Blue to commemorate its entry into the 24hrs of Le Mans.
SAU Racepace Nissan R33 LM GTR

SAU Racepace Nissan R33 LM GTR RearSAU Racepace Nissan R33 LM GTR Engine

R32s. Check.
SAU Racepace Nissan R32 GTR Silver

One thing that stands out on all Racepace builds is the immaculate craftmanship and attention to detail with nothing left unattended to.
SAU Racepace Nissan R32 GTR Silver Engine

These skills will also be applied to their next workshop car. A R32 track monster with something other than an RB engine. Keep an eye out for this!
SAU Racepace Nissan R32 GTR Project

Customisation also extends to their own developed parts like the Racepace Conrods for their 2.8L stroker kits.
SAU Racepace 2.8 Conrod

Or custom spec’d Tien Suspension which are found on quite a few of their customer cars.
SAU Racepace Tein RS Coilover

Part of the Open Day was a power guessing contest with this S15 fitted with 2.2L stroker kit and large high mount Garrett turbo. Check out our Instagram @circuitthreads for videos of the dyno run.
SAU Racepace Open Day Nissan S15 Dyno

SAU Racepace Open Day DynoSAU Racepace Nissan S15 Engine

Out in the car park it was more Skylines with every model covered. (except they even count?).
SAU Racepace Nissan Skyline Lineup

What an awesome sight seeing the KPGC10 and KPGC110 next to each other.
SAU Racepace Nissan Skyline Lineup 2

SAU Racepace Nissan KPGC10 and KPGC110

SAU Racepace Nissan Hakosuka KPGC10 Side

Get these before their prices skyrocket over 6 figures!
SAU Racepace Nissan R32 and R33

While this track spec s14 was on its own…it deserves a feature in itself!
SAU Racepace Nissan S14 Kouki

Hope you enjoyed the workshop tour and hope to bring some more track side content soon!



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