Driver: Alif Hamdan and Chasers Motorworks


We were fortunate enough to be granted access to the Chasers Motorworks team during the competition weekend at World Time Attack 2012. So we decided to have a chat with hotshot Alif Hamdan, driver of the Chasers Motorworks ‘Blue Arrow’ Mitsubishi Evo 6.

Alif is a 21 year old Malaysian who is now living in Melbourne. Having moved here a few years ago to study, he also found the opportunity to continue his passion of circuit racing. In Malaysia, he grew up racing and his talents even attracted the attention of high profile overseas teams which he completed some test driving.

Back in 2010, Alif and the Chasers team had set their sights on competing at World Time Attack 2011. So they did their research to understand the intricacies of this category and came to the conclusion that they would need a Mitsubishi Evo – as this was the car dominating most Time Attack categories in the UK, USA and Japan. They eventually found an Evo 6 which has continually gone under development since their purchase at the end of 2010. And at present, Alif confirms the car is putting out “about 572 at the wheels”. Alif was quite honest in saying that he has no brand affiliation or bias, “we basically chose whatever weapon which would give us a win”.

Last year, the team finished their first WTAC in a respectable 8th position. With their persistence and improvements over the past year, they achieved a fantastic 2nd place in 2012.

Photo courtesy of Banny Lan

The Sydney Motorsport Park (formerly known as Eastern Creek Circuit) is highly regarded by Alif, who says it’s “one of the most technical circuits because there’s more than one correct racing line around, but what is more important, is finding the right line that suits the car”.  Turn 1 is his favourite part of the track as it requires “full commitment approaching at about 265 kmh, at the 100m mark before the corner you’re hard on the brakes and turn in at about 210-220 kmh and hang on”.

So what are the future plans for Alif and the Blue Arrow Evo? Alif told us that he has some special plans to maybe take the car to Rev Speed’s Tsukuba Time Attack 2013 if they get the budget to do so. He’s confident that if they get the chance, they’ll break under 59 seconds “without a problem at all”. Watch out Japan!

We would like to give a big thanks to Alif for spending some time with us during a very busy weekend of racing. Thanks also to Manny from Chasers Eastside Division for setting up this behind-the-scenes access at World Time Attack 2012. Let’s hope that they can take just one more step up on the podium at next year’s WTAC 2013!



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